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Custom effects from ELynx (details here):

RainSel - mix dry and wet signals
RTFM - independent processing of Left and Right channels
Div0 - "service" effect, that allows RTFM(and other effects when they come) to process Left and Right channels separately.

Noise mod Ba PEQ by Victor Tabas

Ba PEQ NoiseMod - Modifed the original Bass Parametric EQ to filter the ugly high pitched noise when using the device as bass sim, made an extremely narrow Q from max 16 to max 52 so it only deletes noise without affecting the original sound and nailed the noise down to 5.510KHz so changed EQ freq from 4.5k to 5.510k. You need to put it first on the effects chain for it to work. Modified by Victor Tabas, more details on the program website.
Instructions, how to make such a mod

Effects from MS-100BT

OCDrive, Parallel Reverb, ROUGHVERB - Effects were available for the MS-100BT, but have been removed due to intellectual property rights. Some time later, their counterparts were added under other names: Dynamic Drive, DualRev and LOFI Rev, respectively

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