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Zoom Effect Manager
Version:  2.1.1
Release date:  22.02.2023

for Windows (7 and newer)
download x64
download x32

for macOS (High Sierra 10.13 and newer)

Release notes
- Added effects:
     RainSel, RTFM, Div0 - custom effects from ELynx (details here)
     OCDrive, Parallel Reverb, ROUGHVERB - effects from MS-100BT
     Ba PEQ NoiseMod - Ba PEQ mod by Victor Tabas, removes high frequency noise (details here)
- Bug fix, system language detection in MacOS version

- Added shrinked effects to save 15-20% memory (details here)
- Added the ability to change the firmware to another model
- Hints on how to put the pedal into firmware mode or normal mode

- Improved support for higher resolution monitors (including retina)
- Added the ability to keep a debug log when writing effects to device
- Fixed a rare bug writing effects to G1Xon

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